About us

“One more !”
FitCrux is the voice that goads you on to finish that last rep just when you are about to give up.
“Back straight !”
It is the advice that gives the assurance that you are on the right track when goal seems elusive.
Our Crux
 FitCrux is a community of Fitness Enthusiasts like yourself. Members may create, track and  share their fitness goals.
You can view the goals and progress of other members and cheer them on. FitCrux is thus a platform to seek and impart inspiration.
 Members are encouraged to review and compare fitness centers based on their  experiences. FitCrux will thus empower fitness enthusiasts with information to make the right choices.
 FitCrux aims to become the most credible knowledge source for fitness enthusiasts by stimulating healthy discussions,
providing credible advice and organizing expert sessions.
We invite all fitness enthusiasts to join the community. Health shall prevail !!